tisdag 17 april 2012

Brembo bromsar F1 - men hur?

Svar nedan.

Och lite kvantifierbara siffror...

Technical Highlights:
Brake Pedal
Maximum brake force range 40/160 kg.
G-force (up to 6G) assists pilot to give the maximum force.
Brake Pumps
Master cylinder size defined accordingly to the car brake balance.
Brake System Telemetry
Master cylinder pressure sensor
Master cylinder travel sensor
Balance Bar
Balance bar is the kinetic mechanism used by the driver to modify the brake balance, changing the force applied on the two master cylinder pushrods.
Master Cylinder Reservoirs
Master cylinder reservoir volume ranges from 100 to 250 cc accordingly to the maximum carbon material wear.
HTC64T Brake Fluid
Brake fluid has a low compressibility and a high boiling point.
Aluminum Lithium 6 Piston Monoblock Caliper
Working temperature range: 120/230 Celsius
Dry Bleed Valves
Introduced in 2000 to improve safety during bleeding operations.
Carbon Brake Pad
A single carbon pad weighs 280 g.
Carbon Brake Disc
Maximum peak temperature: 1200 Celsius
Brake System Telemetry
LVDT wear sensor.
Infrared brake disc temperature sensor.
Rear Caliper
Specially designed to bleed the caliper in a specific position.

Läste ni allt? Automobilianas reaktion på faktalavinen: "Ballt"

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